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We decided to remove the badge system, even though we were planning to expand and upgrade it. We had trouble to keep our website fast and smooth due to the amount of content, removing certain aspects of the website would make it faster.

Folks don’t know you yet, some say you’re sweet and small (Njummel)
Reach: 0
Folks are starting to notice you here and there, but find it annoying, like a Tormenting spirit (Nytger)
Reach: 500
You became a Frisian Warrior. Folks are starting to respect you.
Reach: 2000
Due to all your experiences you became a well respected Powerful Warrior
Reach: 5000
You are so powerful now that you were chosen to play a rol in the Viking army, you are now a Frisian Viking.
Reach: 20.000
Due to all your successful battles, you came higher up. Many wonder how, that’s why they call you the Wizard (Tsjoender).
Reach: 50.000
Many fear you now, there are even tales about you, the Legendary Frisian.
Reach: 80.000
You achieved so much and now you’re wondering what kind of blood and genes you have. Are you an Atlantic Frisian?
Reach: 140.000
You’re something terrifying. Folks are not really sure what you are…
Reach: 210.000
You’re the Frisian God Weda (Wodan). You’re the highest and mightiest of all.
Reach: 330.000