The Wrâld League

Folks don’t know you yet, some say you’re sweet and small (Njummel)
Reach: 0

Folks are starting to notice you here and there, but find it annoying, like a Tormenting spirit (Nytger)
Reach: 500

You became a Frisian Warrior. Folks are starting to respect you.
Reach: 2000

Due to all your experiences you became a well respected Powerful Warrior
Reach: 5000

You are so powerful now that you were chosen to play a rol in the Viking army, you are now a Frisian Viking.
Reach: 20.000

Due to all your successful battles, you came higher up. Many wonder how, that’s why they call you the Wizard (Tsjoender).
Reach: 50.000

Many fear you now, there are even tales about you, the Legendary Frisian.
Reach: 80.000

You achieved so much and now you’re wondering what kind of blood and genes you have. Are you an Atlantic Frisian?
Reach: 140.000

You’re something terrifying. Folks are not really sure what you are…
Reach: 210.000

You’re the Frisian God Weda (Wodan). You’re the highest and mightiest of all.
Reach: 330.000