The badges are beneath the ranks.

Folks don’t know you yet, some say you’re sweet and small (Njummel)
Reach: 0
Folks are starting to notice you here and there, but find it annoying, like a Tormenting spirit (Nytger)
Reach: 500
You became a Frisian Warrior. Folks are starting to respect you.
Reach: 2000
Due to all your experiences you became a well respected Powerful Warrior
Reach: 5000
You are so powerful now that you were chosen to play a rol in the Viking army, you are now a Frisian Viking.
Reach: 20.000
Due to all your successful battles, you came higher up. Many wonder how, that’s why they call you the Wizard (Tsjoender).
Reach: 50.000
Many fear you now, there are even tales about you, the Legendary Frisian.
Reach: 80.000
You achieved so much and now you’re wondering what kind of blood and genes you have. Are you an Atlantic Frisian?
Reach: 140.000
You’re something terrifying. Folks are not really sure what you are…
Reach: 210.000
You’re the Frisian God Weda (Wodan). You’re the highest and mightiest of all.
Reach: 330.000
Each badge has 5 levels as you can see down here. With each level your badge will show up more and you will get closer to full completion. In total there are 5 badges to earn. Since this is a new system, there could be some flaws. Please let us know if you think that something is wrong. You can see your badges by clicking on “My Badges”, on top of this page.
Level 1: Complete 1 Chapter
Level 2: Complete 3 Chapters
Level 3: Complete 7 Chapters
Level 4: Complete 11 Chapters
Level 5: Complete 20 Chapters
Level 1: Login 7 Times
Level 2: Login 21 Times
Level 3: Login 49 Times
Level 4: Login 84 Times
Level 5: Login 140 Times
Level 1: Complete 20 Levels
Level 2: Complete 50 Levels
Level 3: Complete 90 Levels
Level 4: Complete 140 Levels
Level 5: Complete 200 Levels
Level 1: Earn 1.000 Points
Level 2: Earn 10.000 Points
Level 3: Earn 100.000 Points
Level 4: Earn 200.000 Points
Level 5: Earn 300.000 Points
As the name says: if you have this one, you’re the (Frisian) king. Only the number one can carry this crown. This one will be given manually by an admin. Claim the badge whenever you are on 1#.