Enter the Ûnderwrâld
The Frisian Ûnderwrâld has all kinds of monsters, monsters you don’t want to come across when you don’t know a lot of Frisian.
Powerful, evil and scary. Can you defeat them?

In order to enter the Ûnderwrâld you need to be experienced enough:
Complete Basics Lv. 50
Complete Nature Lv. 16
Complete De|It Words Lv. 33
Complete Frislanda on Easy

Click on the door to enter…

Warning; this mode is extremely hard. Lots of words will be fired at you, some you might have come across already, some not.
These monsters are extremely hard to defeat, the higher you get, the stronger the monster gets.
Sure you wanna do this?

Note; the names of these monsters are made up by LearnFrisian.