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How LearnFrisian Works

LearnFrisian has a chapter system, which is build up in levels. The Basics chapter functions as a ‘red-wire’. The questions are brought to you in different styles and for each different kind of question you earn different kind of points. All the points you earn will be collected and your total amount of points will be displayed on different pages on the website, like The Wrâld League. That’s the place you compete against players all over the world. Your score will be displayed when you entered the top 250. (Hint; clicking on the social media buttons will also be rewarded with points)
Click here to go to The Wrâld League
Each day you login you will receive one ‘Streak-point’. Just like the normal points in The Wrâld League, you have a leaderboard for your Streak Points. Note; you can’t lose your streak.
Click here to go to The Streak League
Each sentence in the LearnFrisian program has a audiofile that is made by us. Listen to it each time and it will help you with speech recognition. The audiofile will always be in Frisian, even when the given sentence is in English. Some words do have audiofiles as well. Do you stumble across a missing audiofile or a not working one, please let us know!
LearnFrisian has different kinds of Frisian languages on its website. Give it a try and don’t worry, you don’t need to login again. Neither you will lose your points. Nothing will change, just a different language.
You will unlock the Story Mode after completing Basics Lv. 50. When playing Story Mode you will see 3 different difficulties, Normal, Hard and Extreme. Choose wisely!
You don’t need to unlock Random Mode, but we advice you to play it after you finished a big part or fully the Frisian program. Each level is a level you (we hope) played before.
(coming soon)